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Hi hi! :D

Well I will start to do commissions to raise money for some projects. One of them is my final work in college and another is raise money to get married. So I would be really happy if you guys could help me achieve these goals.

With that said, lets clarify somethings. I am a digital artist. I like interesting things, fantasy based and less realistic things. But don’t be scared to bring me strange and out of the normal orders, I adore challenges.

General rules:

1. Payment is through PayPal

- Please send to:
IMPORTANT: Please select “No Shipping Address Needed” when sending payments.
This is so that Paypal knows its for a digital piece and not a physical product.

2. Prices are in USD

3. I will only begin your commission AFTER a down-payment of 50% of the total price.

- This is to assure you that I’ll do the job, and to assure me that you won’t run away.
Not saying you will, but it has happened before.
If you do, it would mean that you love me and donated to me.

4. Once the drawing is completed, I will send you a low-res copy with a watermark as proof that it’s done.

- You will receive the high-res copy once I have received the remaining 50% of the total price.

5. The duration time to complete the commission depends on the style, and complexity of the drawings.

- Also, if I do run a little late, please do not rush me. We all have our commitments in our lives which others are not aware of. So please understand, however, you can trust that I will complete your work.

6. Copyrights. 

- If I do a commission for you, you still own the rights to your character.
- HOWEVER, I own the rights to the drawing that I made for you.
That means I can use the artwork in my portfolio, but I can’t say that I created your character.
- If you’d like to use the drawing for commercial uses, please inform me and we’ll negotiate.

7. Please do not use the commissions I made for you for commercial uses without my permission.

8. I will sign on all commissions. Please don’t remove it.

9. The rough workflow is as follows:

Accept commission ► 50% payment ►Sketches ►Coloring ► Finished Artwork ► 50% payment ► Receive art

- If you’d like any changes made, please bring it up in the Sketches stage. After that, there will be no changes.
- However, to be fair, MINOR 'adjustments' in the FINISHED ARTWORK are acceptable. I’ll decide if it is, or isn’t minor, if such a situation shows up.
(Eg. of Minor: Colour changes, etc.)
*This workflow does not apply to Color sketch commission.


     If it happens so that I’m unable to complete your work (unless you’re willing to wait) or I feel that I cannot achieve your wants (within the Sketches stage), I’ll alert you and it will be followed up by a refund.

     * However, If YOU aren’t happy with the finished artwork, it will not count as a refund. You simply won’t have to pay the remaining 50%.

     * The same applies if YOU want to pull out halfway, it will not count as a refund as well.


What I DO draw?

- I draw people! (Fanarts, OC’s and etc)
- Backgrounds (Depends on the complexity)

What I DO NOT draw?

- Gore
- Porn/Hentai 
- Yaoi/Yuri
- Furries
- Beasts (Pokemon, Digimon, Animals etc) 
- Mecha
- Chibi


Exemples & Prices

If you have something different in mind contact me, all can be solved with a good conversation!


“What will I receive?”

All commissions come in a standard JPEG size with the larger side with 3000px and 300 dpi minimum.

-You will receive a JPEG, not PSD. Please don’t get confused.-


For communication:

If you are a frequent D.A user, please note me. If not, you can email me personally

Please follow this messaging template:

RE: Commission-(YOUR NAME)
Name: (The one that’s registered to your Paypal)
Paypal Email:
Type: (Type 1, Type 2)?
Description: What is the character(s) doing/feeling/expressing/etc.?
Backgrounds? Simple/None?
References: Links/Images

*Paypal Registered Name. The reason I request this is so that I know who sent me a payment.

*IMPORTANT: Please select “No Shipping Address Needed” when sending payments.
This is so that Paypal knows its for a digital piece and not a physical product.

Well, stay a while, look around, have some fun! And please don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Thank you for your support!

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